Mistress Lady Sonia ties up and forces her slave to have orgasms

October 8th, 2015

Lady Sonia loves to fuck men, she loves hung male men and also submissive slaves. But what people don’t know is that Lady Sonia also loves submissive ladies as well. One of Lady Sonia’s favourite pastimes is to tie up these submissive women, oh and also submissive men and force them to have orgasms. She obviously torments her submissive slaves first.  In this movie Lady Sonia has this slave tied to a cross and she is bringing her to orgasm against this slaves will, using this fucking machine  that Lady Sonia has stuffed in this slaves cunt. I love watching this fucking machine start slowly fucking this sub. But by the end of this exclusive femdom movie from Lady Sonia, this submissive slut gets a brutal fucking from this machine, all the time while being tied up. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here

submissive bitch gets hogtied, whipped and tickled

October 2nd, 2015

This submissive slut has a huge pair of breasts. This busty submissive slut was made to be hogtied and to be in bondage. You would think that after they tied her huge breasts up, that there wouldn’t be enough rope left over for her ankles, but there is. Once they tie her up they pull the ropes and we have the prefect hogtie. So every time this bitch tries to struggle the ropes pull onto her big titties. Every time she moves the pain shoots through her tits, well best make sure that this bitch is caned then, so she moves a lot. Her breasts are hurting so much, but these guys don’t stop there, they tickle her so she moves and causes more pain.Normally tickling is fun, put not today as it causes this bitch even more pain in her tits . But you can tell this busty bitch is a real submissive bitch, because the more this bitch is tortured and the more her tits are hurt, the more she cums and the harder she cums. If you love to see submissive bitches like this hogtied then visit hogtied here.

Hogtied sub is given multiple orgasms

September 26th, 2015

Brooke Adams has been on hogtied before and what the guys love about this bitch is that she has multiple orgasms. she can cum over and over. This isn’t always good, because the guys at hogtied make her cum over and over again. She has no control over it and cums even when she doesn’t want. Bound and helpless and receiving multiple orgasms doesn’t. stop there for the torture of this sub. Brooke screams and has orgasm ofter orgasm and screams and screams in a mix of pleasure and pain. Brooke is also spanked, and has her ass played like a set of leather bongo drums, this guy slapping and slapping her ass. She is tied on her back with her cunt and ass in the air, so we get fucking good access to it. Plus her feet are also hit with a cane. I like this movie because Brooke is hot and very submissive and the balance between her pleasure and forced pleasure is great, she loves it and hates it at the same time. Watch this movie and all the hog tied movies here

Sub hung from a pole.

September 20th, 2015

Charley Chase possesses a fantastic natural body so we attempted to think of ways to punish the woman with it. We created a new rope slut obstacle course just for this hot slut. Tying her breasts to some ring above to keep the slut upright when she slides her moist cunt down the rope which has Hitachi vibrators tied to it. Charley Chase cums each time she makes any stop on the vibrators cumming all around the floor. All of us shove a Hitachi way up her dripping cunt then she shoots the idea out of her cunt along with a large flow of hot lady cum. By the end Charley Chase is a slutty satisfied disoriented cumpuddle of satisfied whore. See the full length hogtied movie here.

Porn star Jewell Marceau in her first hogtied BDSM shoot

September 14th, 2015

At the first try attempting anything can be interesting. It is a lot more interesting whenever it is any stunning lady attempting a little something very kinky. It is generally a lot more intensive your very first time. Below you’ll find Jewell Marceau an exceptionally attractive as well as extremely seasoned vanilla porn legend testing out numerous firsts simply for everyone. Jewell Marceau has never had any genuine bondage practical experience, just a small bit of of tying up. But here we have Jewell Marceau throughout nipple clamps asshook suction ballgag very hot wax. Just what exactly should we say. All of us went somewhat crazy with firsts.Jewell Marceau gets constant climaxes. Most of us believe a new rope slut may be hiding in this porn legend. See the full length hogtied movie here.

Hogtied slut who would not stop cumming

September 8th, 2015

The following filthy slapper simply will not leave us alone. The girl had been chucked to us in Leather Retreat. The lady wouldn’t quit climaxing. Next customers called for us to get the woman again, that went to the woman’s brain. The girl wouldn’t leave us alone therefore we delivered her back again in opposition to my own common sense, nonetheless I made a decision that we would certainly torment the woman as well as help make the woman unhappy by simply definitely not enabling the woman to climax whenever the lady needed to. This failed to do the job the lady desired to proceed nether the less. Enjoy when we deliver the woman towards edge over and over once more without having release. We help make that perspiration pour over the woman’s entire body when the lady tries and keep her climaxes away. The lady might be a whore nonetheless at the very least she’s some sort of slut whom is a follower of requirements. See the full length hogtied movie here.

My new submissive bondage play thing

September 2nd, 2015

This was the first message I got from my new sub Charlotte ” am a slim very leggy submissive actually I am very submissive. I am looking for a dom like you, tall and strong and self-confident and very often forceful when I have been naughty, big uncut is a plus. You must be able to accommodate, I travel only undressed and dress up at yours, for reasons I will tell you when we meet. I am into light bdsm, bondage. I want the to treat me like a slut. I had some experience before with doms but not much, though enough to know that I like to tease please and be used, also play only safe a. Prefer a longer term relation but will do one-off with the right person.”

My partner and I met Charlotte from ultimate submission. The filthy slut appeared to be new & close, & She seemed to be aiming to meet some individuals. The filthy slut messaged me personally first. The user profile made her horny.

The girl ended up being open minded and also the slapper possessed an incredible pair of legs, so I swapped several texts between the two. Absolutely nothing fancy. Only simple sexy talk to understand a bit about her.

On the first date we met the slut had been as naughty as she said. The filthy slut really wanted cock and also I shagged her in the bum plus eventually I came in her mouth.

slut loves to be a slut especially a bound fucked slut on hogtied

August 27th, 2015

Jade is really a whore which loves to become a slut specially the chained banged slut. Jade is actually dangling within a restricted agonizing hogtie after that she has sex toys jammed in to the woman’s butt and cunt and her cunt lips pulled apart. Rather than sobbing out with agony the lady begins to fuck her own rear end until eventually the lady cries out. On account of complex complications the primary movie hasn’t been playable however there was clearly no way we’d not enable you to observe the following wonderful female. See the full length hogtied movie here.

Casting couch redhead auditioning for hogtied

August 21st, 2015

The actual Casting Couch series is a great way for me to look for possible new talent for Hogtied. We get a great number of applications of stunning sexy sluts we can only choose one or two to try and do full movies. Well this woman was in the Armory. I just had to have the woman… Well I’m extremely glad I did. Some girl’s are loud and trashy whenever they cum some tend to be quiet and understated. Ariel is actually Smooth, Steady and Intense. She gets incredibly delicate once she cums. She’s in no way had an orgasm forced until now that is. If you appreciate what you observe in this article wait around until I get the woman on for the complete movie where we call the shots. See the full length hogtied movie here.

Anal and cunt whore hogtied and abused with dildo’d

August 15th, 2015

Carmen has been created for Hogtied. The lady resides near enough towards the Armory to check it out when she strolls from her apartment. The lady 1st made an appearance right here for the Casting Couch right after the woman’s moans groans out of this movie I simply Needed her back again. This specific redhead is known for a physique that is incredibly fuckable…. The woman’s cunt creams lots when WE push dildos deeply directly into the woman’s torment the woman’s cunt. Enjoy when we push bigger and bigger plugs within the woman’s butt after that finish the woman off using a unique dual charged dildo when we fuck both equally the woman’s butt and cunt simultaneously. See the full length hogtied movie here.